Super Shots Sports Geoff Bodine #1 Gold Art Pack


Super Shots Sports Geoff Bodine #1 Gold Art Pack

In 2001, Super Shots Sports created a very popular trading card product featuring the 8 drivers who won races during the first 100 Wins for Hendrick Motorsports.

We have turned these cards into NFT Artwork for your enjoyment.

Presenting the Hendrick 100 Win Artwork Collection from Super Shots Sports, Inc.

There is a Gold and Silver version of the Artwork and we plan to offer different art treatments of each.

We hope you enjoy the images and the supporting video.

There will be 2,001 sets of each treatment available. Only 1,000 sets are available in this initial release.

The video in the NFT is the long version of Geoff's Win.

Thank you and enjoy.

Gold Pack includes:


Video of the Prints

Race Video

**NFT Prices are subject to change without notice based on Market Conditions.