Herb Meyer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Herb Meyer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Included Tax and Fees: $5.36

The Herb Meyer Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to award scholarships to Scholar - Athletes from El Camino and Ocenaside High Schools in Oceanside, CA.

Herb taught and coahed at both schools and retired with 338 combined Wins as the Football coach.  Herb passed away in April 2023.

Herb has been inducted into 13 Halls of Fame as a Coach and Administrator.

100% of the Proceeds from your purchase of this NFT will go to the scholarship fund to help deserving scholar-athletes from Oceanside.

Thank you!!

The Herb Meyert Memorial Scholarship fund is an IRS approved 501(c)(3).  $20 form your purchase is tax deductable.

A special Thank You to KOCT for the use of the video.