Soldiers' Pay by William Faulkner

Soldiers' Pay, William Faulkner, 1926, novel

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Soldiers’ Pay is Nobel Prize in Literature's William Faulkner’s first published novel. It begins with a train journey on which two American soldiers, Joe Gilligan and Julian Lowe, are returning from the First World War. They meet a scarred, lethargic, and withdrawn fighter pilot, Donald Mahon, who was presumed dead by his family. The novel continues to focus on Mahon and his slow deterioration, and the various romantic complications that arise upon his return home.

Soldiers' Pay is the first novel published by the American author William Faulkner. It was originally published by Boni & Liveright on February 25, 1926. It is unclear if Soldiers' Pay is the first novel written by Faulkner. It is however the first novel published by the author. Wikipedia
Originally published February 25, 1926
Author William Faulkner
Genres Novel, Fiction