Going The Distance

Going the Distance, Paul Greer, 2023, eBook


As you look towards your running and fitness future, the knowledge and tips contained in Going the Distance with Coach Paul will transform how you think about your training. You will have the knowledge to elevate your running to the next level. Through your continued hard work and perseverance, your fitness and running goals will be achieved!

• Tips for beginning a running program

• Breathing tips

• Nutrition tips

• Hydration tips

• Tips for taking your workouts to the next level

• Tips on training for a race

• Race day performance tips

• Tips for prevention and treatment of common ailments

You do not have to be asleep to have a dream!

About the Author:
Paul Greer
Professor, Health and Exercise Science, San Diego City College
San Diego Track Club Coach
Sub-Four Minute Miler (3 59.79)