Don Segunda Sombra by Ricardo Güiraldes

Don Segundo Sombra, Ricardo Güiraldes, 1926, novel

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In Spanish

Don Segundo Sombra is a 1926 novel finished just one year before the author's untimely death. Its protagonist is a gaucho. Don Segundo Sombra does not romanticize the figure of the gaucho, but simply examines the character as a shadow (sombra) cast across Argentine history. It is an imaginary character, Don Segundo Sombra was loosely inspired by the real life of Segundo Ramírez, a native of the town of San Antonio de Areco in Buenos Aires Province.--Wikipedia.

Don Segundo Sombra is a 1926 novel by Argentine rancher Ricardo Güiraldes. Like José Hernández's poem Martín Fierro, its protagonist is a gaucho. Wikipedia
Originally published 1926
Author Ricardo Güiraldes
Genres Novel, Fiction
Original language Spanish