Aleda GNFT Coin

Aleda coins to mint GNFTs

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What are the steps?
  • Buy GNFT coins to mint your own GNFTs.
  • Purchase a coin or package of coins. 
  • Coins will be added to your digital wallet
  • Sell GNFTs in our marketplace
  • A crypto wallet or cryptocurrency are not required.
  • Cryptocurrency can be used to buy GNFTs and Aleda coins. 
  • Coming soon - auction site for GNFTs

Start minting:

  • Buy an Aleda create coin (green coin with Giraffe) for each GNFT to be minted.
  • After you buy an Aleda create coin, coins will be added to your digital wallet.
  • A count of creator coins purchased will show in your dashboard.

Minting the GNFT:

  • A GNFT can be a single digital asset or a package of digital assets. 
  • Type(s) of digital assets to make GNFTs can be: images, video, 3D, audio, or text).
  • Not all types of files are accepted, a list is in the FAQs.
  • 150 MB total file size is the limit for minting a GNFT package with one creator coin.
  • Upload all files for the GNFT.  When complete, hit MINT.
  • The GNFT token and key will be generated.
  • Ownership will be recorded in our ledger.
  • The GNFT will be stored in our vault.
  • The contents of the GNFT are unchangeable after this step.

Selling the GNFT:

Most of the marketing fields are optional.  The fields determine the visibility of the GNFT, so it is recommended to include as much personalized information about the GNFT as possible to reach the maximum number of potential buyers.  Fields include:

  • Name of the GNFT
  • Teaser reduced files to show what is in the GNFT, shorter clips of video, audio, lower resolution images, images with watermark, etc.
  • Dates item is to be for sale, you may opt to have it removed from the marketplace in 30 days, or other times slots using the calendar.
  • Check box if the GNFT is signed by the original creator.
  • For Sale/Not For Sale - select option.
  • Select marketplace to post GNFT in, e.g. art, photography, real estate, zoo, autos, horses, dogs, etc.
  • Description - add information for the marketplace.  Common details are Artist, Date, Title, personalized information about the asset.  It is a good practice to describe each digital asset if the GNFT is a package of items.  Let the buyer know what is in the package.
  • Technical Description - add any information about the size of the files, especially useful if the buyer may want to print the digital asset.
  • Price and Quantity - you may offer the item once (one of a kind), twice (limited edition) or hundreds of times, this decision is up to the creator. 

Don't forget to save you work.  The GNFT will hit the marketplace right after you save it.

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